Why Choose 



We train you or your staff as the first line of defense in Handling, Protecting, and Securing, Personally Identifiable Information. We teach you to first understand basic computer processes and to think and understand the thought process of a hacker or social engineer.


91% of cyber attacks start with the end-user interaction with technology.Emails are the most common deployment strategy to deliver the payloads to the end-user. The average end-users are not trained to protect your data or their data.


eSafeuser is a Proactive  Security Research Group designed and developed to study the Human Interaction Factor upon technology.


We designed and developed Human Firewall strategies that adds another layer of security upon your existing security.


We  audit and certify your organization as eSafe once all your employees are trained.
eSafeuser systems are designed utilizing information security standards.
 Each entity is left to struggle and interpret the federal guidelines of HIPPA, FERPA, COPPA, ISO12700, NIST, PCI/DSS, to deliver safe and secure transactions.
We design and develop the major components of a contingency plan using business impact analysis.