We are on mission to educate the average computer user.

eSafeuser utilizes four strategies, ​​We train, We give you technology to protect and encrypt your information. We scan the dark web to protect your data, and we offer an insurance to return and protect  your risk. We will train you to defend and protect your Personal Identifiable Information. Our Proactive Strategic Cyber Safe Strategy is simple and delivers results.

Your PII- Personal Identifiable Information- Name, Address, SSN, DOB, Drivers License, Phone number.
At eSafeuser, we believe in the proactive training approach,
we are going to ask you questions and offer answers.
  • Do you use technology to work ? We all do.
  • Do you protect your  PII ? YES
  • What can you do to protect your PII ? TRAINING !
  • Do you think your PII is secure by every organization you use, doctor office, dentist, restaurant - you get the idea.  NOT SURE.
  • Do you think those organizations put the best technology to protect your PII or DATA ?  I hope YES !
  • Do you think those organizations have  the best trained personal  to protect your PII or DATA ?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.
Research shows the weakest link in technology usage and data protection is the HUMAN Factor.
Our strategy is SIMPLE
This is a Movement to Secure your PII .
How do you Build the Human Firewall- One person at a time, trained to protect their data and your data.

Our Services

eSafeuser offers a unique security audit screening methodology to identify any potential weakness within your organization.
We securing
  • personal Identifiable Information.
  • Personal Health Information.
  • Proprietary Information.
  • Utilizing industry standards



eSafetraining offers premier training to educated the 
end-user to protect their personal data.
These strategies can be utilized in the corporate workplace to protect your customers.
91% of cyber attacks start with the end-user interaction with technology.
eSafeusers security solution  
partnered with Black Mesa Group to deliver cutting edge technology to protect and insure your data.
  • we provide Keystroke Encryption for three devices.
  • Dark Web Scanning Pre and Post Monitoring and Recovery.
  • Education and Newsletter.
  • $1,000,000 Personal Identity Theft Coverage Policy

Security Technology

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